Blood Coal


many people know about 'blood diamonds', but have you heard about 'blood coal'?


Precarious Work series

FNV Mondiaal

Worldwide, an increasing number of people have insecure work. Without the security of a reliable income, it's very hard to create a decent life for yourself.


Groundwater, a Hidden Resource

UN-IGRAC, United Nations

Mister Lee was privileged to create the core story film of IGRAC, a subsidiary of the United Nations.


The Price of Gas


The Dutch national gas reserves are estimated to run out within two decades. Currently, the Dutch government has a gas investment policy with the ambition of making the Netherlands the 'gas-hub of Europe'.


Losing Nemo

The Black Fish

Losing Nemo is a six-minute long animated film about industrial overfishing, made by a 30+ strong international team of creatives! What began as just an idea turned out much bigger than we could possibly have anticipated.


Duurzame Pleinen

SOMO, Human Rights @ Work, CREM

The non-profit research organisation SOMO were looking for a way to communicate the message of their project 'Duurzame Pleinen' (Sustainable squares). Together we brainstormed about the subject of using alternative source materials for urban construction.


ASN Bank Core Themes

ASN Bank

These animations are a series of five films we have made for the ASN Bank, a sustainable bank based in The Hague, the Netherlands. The films are about Child Labour, Fair Trade, Weapons Trade, Sustainable Energy and one about the impact of your money on the world.


Clean Shipping Index

North Sea Foundation, Clean Shipping Index

This is an animation created for the Clean Shipping Project in Sweden. 


ASN Bank jaaroverzicht 2012

ASN Bank

The ASN Bank came back to us with the question to visualise the key stories of their annual report. We created this stylized film for them, in which we flow from one subject into the next to highlight the achievements of ASN in 2012.


Maritime Passive Safety

JLMD System, Maritime Passive Safety

For the Maritime Passive Safety organisation we created an animation to show their solution on preventing ships of leaking oil and making salvage work easier.


Korps 2015


In this film, we encourage police officers to trust their intuition, intelligence and creativity and to seek contact with citizens in a mindful way.


65 years Dutch Liberation Day


For the NOS, the 'Dutch BBC' we made the designs for the entire broadcast: intro, bumpers, animated maps and more.