Leo de Wijs

Art Director

art direction / design

Leo is creator of worlds. As a animation art director and storyboarder, he knows how to visualise scenes, characters, props and skies in such a way, that they are wonderful to look at but most importantly, serve the narrative. Also his colourboards serve the narrative in subtle and not-so-subtle ways: it is amazing to see how much Leo can tell just by changing a few colours.


Child Labour / Fair Trade / Weapons Trade / Sustainable Energy

ASN Bank Core Themes

ASN Bank

Video / Sustainability / Materials

Duurzame Pleinen

SOMO, Human Rights @ Work, CREM

Sustainability / Motion Graphics / 3D / oceans

Clean Shipping Index

North Sea Foundation, Clean Shipping Index

Maritime / Sustainability / animation / oceans

Maritime Passive Safety

JLMD System, Maritime Passive Safety