Laurens Kauw-A-Tjoe

Design, 3D & Animation

animation / design / illustration / compositing / 3D

Laurens, with many years of design, animation and compositing experience under his belt, is known in some circles as one of the 'Golden Boys'.

As a highly creative person, he has a very solid, fast and results-oriented working process. Laurens can work in 2D, 3D and with video effects. Also, he's quite an amazing illustrator with an obsession for weird, often aquatic animals.


Sustainability / Motion Graphics / 3D / oceans

Clean Shipping Index

North Sea Foundation, Clean Shipping Index

Maritime / Sustainability / animation / oceans

Maritime Passive Safety

JLMD System, Maritime Passive Safety

animation / activism / 3D / oceans

Losing Nemo

The Black Fish