Groundwater, a Hidden Resource

Groundwater, a Hidden Resource


United Nations

Sustainability / ngo / water

This is the core story film of IGRAC, a subsidiary of the United Nations.

IGRAC combines global data on groundwater, so countries and communities know how to take care of this hidden resource, that is so vital to all life.

Mister Lee is an internationally operating creative agency that works exclusively on social and environmental themes. Our strength lies in telling the core story of an organisation in a way that is easily comprehensible, beautiful and entertaining, and therefore memorable and nice to share with others.

Many professional people worked on the story of IGRAC. From translation of the communication goals to a creative concept, Writing and fine-tuning the script, design of the look and feel, animation and editing, musical composition, and much more … this is what we’re best at: taking on projects from creation to conception.

In the past we’ve worked on many different film campaigns. We've worked on stories from overfishing to sustainable shipping, from corporate tax dodging to sustainable banking and from fundamental system change to now this new film concerning proper groundwater management. Overall, we are honoured and delighted to continue to for so many people and organisations doing such valuable things for the world of tomorrow.

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