Running and upcoming projects, Q4 of 2013

Running and upcoming projects, Q4 of 2013

After a laid back summer, the end of the year is pretty busy. We're happy to welcome several new clients.


Both Ends asked us to create a campaign concerning the Dutch gas policy, to break the myth of gas as a sustainable source of energy.

Dutch gas production will probably peak in the next few decades, but the Dutch government still intends to invest heavily in becoming the 'gas hub of Europe'. This means that we will go from a gas producing, to a gas dealing and transporting nation. The problem with this is that we will become increasingly dependent on gas from very far away places, where human rights and environmental precautions are often taken quite lightly, in many cases by autocratic regimes. Since there's a lot of public money from the European Union involved in all this, it's important that people know some crucial facts about the future of gas in the Netherlands and Europe. The campaign will consist of an animated film and several derivative campaign tools.


The Dutch police hired us the create an awareness campaign concerning burglary, aimed at basically everyone in the central police district of the Netherlands.

We interviewed and filmed several people that either professionally or through personal experience have witnessed the dramatic consequences of a burglary. We redacted the stories into a PDF-magazine, we edited a film including a staged burglary, created visual tools for online campaigning and we designed a campaign website. The result was a Social Media Toolkit that our client can share with all relevant partners, ready to use.

On October 5th, the campaign will go live, through the media channels of 41 municipalities in the Netherlands.


Bits of Freedom is a Dutch organisation that works to defend citizen's rights online.

We'll be creating an online public awareness campaign for them tied to their lobbying campaign. We will show the public some of the privacy violations that many of us allow online on a daily basis without much thought. The project will consist of a small series of sketches done by actors and will revolve around the oldest line in the book when it comes to privacy apathy: "if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear".


Inashco is a company located deep in the harbour of Rotterdam. It aims to filter out every last bit of metal value from the residue that large garbage incinirators produce. One might think that this is a 'dirty business', but when you consider that Inashco's techniques outputs 90% less carbon dioxide compared to actually mining the earth for aluminium for instance, it's a significant environmental improvement. Therefore, we're quite enthusiastic about working for this company.