Douwe van der Werf

Creative Direction

writing / animation / film / direction

Douwe van der Werf is the founder and creative director of Mister Lee. After having lived abroad (the US, Israel and Australia) for a few years and a study of graphic design in Melbourne, Australia, he worked as an art director for advertising agencies. To further develop his skills, he studied Image and Media Technology at the HKU art academy in Hilversum, which he finished with a master's degree.

Since starting Mister Lee in 2007, he has had a focus strategy, writing, production and direction of film. His personal interest lies in writing stories about change and transformation.


ngo / campaign / 2D

The Price of Gas


Maritime / Sustainability / animation / oceans

Maritime Passive Safety

JLMD System, Maritime Passive Safety

animation / activism / 3D / oceans

Losing Nemo

The Black Fish